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Top tracks of the 60s

The 1960’s gave us such a lot in the way of fantastic music, it was an era where a lot of musical styles melded together, the pop music of The Beatles and the Monkees worked well alongside the lively rock of The Rolling Stones which played beautifully alongside the mellow tones of The Beach Boys. The 60’s music really has something to suit all tastes.

Some of the top tracks from the 1960’s includes:

  • Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding. Unfortunately, Otis Redding did not get to see how much of a hit this song became as he died in a plane crash just a few weeks after recording the song. The track was personal as it charted his move from Georgia to San Francisco when he was looking to make it big in the music business. His untimely death at age 26 was a huge loss to the music industry.
  • She Loves you – The Beatles. A fairly short song at around 2 minutes 30 seconds, ‘She Loves You’ is a classic Beatles song that everyone knows the words to. It is a lively song that can stick in your head for days.
  • Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley. Elvis’s last number one before he died has been covered by many other artists, so it might be hard to believe that when it was first released by the original artist Mark James, it was actually a flop. Elvis’s live performance of this song is extremely memorable.
  • Son of a Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield. Although originally meant to be sung by Aretha Franklin, it is hard to imagine anyone other than Dusty belting out this amazing tune. Still as popular today, 50 years after its release, this is definitely a party favourite and a regular choice on the karaoke machine.
  • I want you back – The Jackson 5. When Michael was just 11 years old this family supergroup stormed on the scene with ‘I want you back’. This one straddles the decades as it was released in late 1969 and hit the top of the charts in early 1970, but it brought to our attention the future King of Pop so it makes our list!
  • My Generation – The Who. A symbol of youthful rebellion, the Who had a string of hits throughout the 60’s and 70’s and this one is particularly iconic. Often used in film soundtracks ‘My Generation’ was placed 11th in Rolling Stone Magazines top 500 songs of all time.
  • California Dreamin’ – The Mamas and Papas. As with many songs from this era, California is the focus, highlighting how great life is in The Golden State. California Dreamin’ tops the list of popular hits for many people as it draws on the natural wish to be somewhere warmer, especially in the winter months.