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The best rock hits of the 90s

There is nothing quite like rock music and I say that as somebody who has loved the style all my life. The amazing guitar solos, loud drums, and raspy voices are really spellbinding. There is no doubt that a night at a rock concert would be an amazing one. Let’s take a look at some of the best rock hits of the 90s so that you have some awesome tunes to add to your playlist.

  • Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit

Kurt Cobain is one of the greats and while he is gone, he will never be forgotten. One of the most well-known hits from the band is “smells like teen spirit”, its grungy style and amazing lyrics will really get you thinking. Put this track on when you are going through a whole range of emotions and you will become one with the music.

  • Guns ‘N Roses – November rain

One of the most amazing bands that have ever graced the world and you are going to need your raincoat woman for this one because the title of the song is November rain and it was released in 1991. It is a very long song, at around 9 minutes in length but it will keep you hooked from start to finish. The guitar solo on this song is amazing and takes real talent and let’s not even get started on the vocals of Axl Rose himself.

  • Foo Fighters – Everlong

This love song by Foo Fighters is absolutely beautiful. Grohl is an absolutely amazing musician and the band members come together to create a track that will always be a classic. The vocals are absolutely flawless, the drumming is out of this world and the riffs are one of a kind. Put this track on the next time you have a romantic evening in planned and it’s guaranteed to be a big hit.

  • Greenday – Basket Case

This might not be the most well known Greenday song since they became a little more well known but in my opinion, it’s definitely one of the best. Basket case tells a tragic tale, the song is upbeat with some really funny lyrics. Billie Joe Armstrong is a god in the world of rock and this track really helps show off his capabilities.

  • Rage against the machine – Killing in the name

Rage against the machine is an amazing band and no list of best songs from the 90s would be complete without these guys. The lyrics on this song are absolutely amazing and the instrumentals are something else. This is quite an underrated song that is definitely worth listening to so that you can see its potential for yourself.