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The Earliest Forms of Music

The origin of music is not easy to pinpoint. It is thought that the earliest forms of music would have been something as simple as clapping or tapping and there are no records of things like this – they cannot be found by archaeologists.

What is known, however, is that humans started their own cultural creations around 60,000 years ago in the form of cave paintings, ornaments, etc. It is thought that music could also have begun around this time too.

An archaeological discovery in 1995 is considered to be the earliest-known musical instrument. The Divie Babe Flute was found in Slovenia and is part of a cave bear bone that has been deliberately pierced with holes. Some have argued that this is not a musical instrument but others believe that this is evidence that the Neanderthals were developing musical skills. A similar find was made in Germany, and it dates back 43,000 years. Others are not quite that old and are made from ivory.

With this evidence, it is hard to dismiss the Divie Babe Flute and most historians now accept that early man did have some form of music.