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Music Inspired Home Decor

If you’re a lover of all things music or are a fan of a particular artist or band, then you may be interested in decorating your home with musical inspirations. There are numerous ways you can show your passion for music through your choice of home decor, and here we’ll be going through some of them.


Ornaments have long been a way for people to show off their personal interests when decorating a space. In terms of music, you could choose ornamental instruments to add bold and clear elements of your passion for music into the room. For instance, a Cello could be mounted onto a wall to create a statement piece within the room. Ornaments could also be obtained that are dedicated to your favourite artists or bands, such as figurines of a singer you particularly enjoy.


The walls are a significant part of any room, and how they’re decorated must be carefully considered. Generally, you have the option of painting a wall or using wallpaper – unless you opt for exposed brickwork. When looking to weave music inspirations into your decor, wallpapers are a good way to go. Printed wallpapers in many different styles are available from sites such as and can be used to create an elegant tribute to your passion for the musical art form. For example, you could choose a wallpaper that has sheet music for its print – or uses musical notes to create a pattern. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to wallpaper designs and wallpaper can be an efficient way of decorating an entire room quickly and with a bold choice of design.


Furniture is also a possibility if you’re looking to showcase your musical hobbies. For instance, piano stools can be used in a room for seating – and you could even use the top of a piano as a table which can hold books or tableware such as glasses. Music stands could take the place of traditional book-shelves, whilst handles on doors could be modelled out of wood to represent the shapes of instruments such as the top of a violin. Whilst furniture choices such as these can be a fun way of adding some musical flare into your room design, be sure not to go overboard and make the room look crowded or even tacky.


Rugs are a great way of adding something different to a room whilst being easy to take up and clean if anything is spilt. You could use music inspired rugs in a living room or bedroom, with rugs coming in many fabrics and styles. Rugs are available with printed images, such as group photos of a band or the cast of a show. Find a rug that shows one of your favourite musicians and it will add a great touch to your room and even provide some more warm and homely vibes to the space.

Home decoration is a highly personal affair, with there not really being a right or wrong way of going about it. The most important thing is that you like the way you’ve decorated your home and the space is practical for your usage. Perhaps some of the above suggestions will make an appearance when you next redecorate a room in your home and choose to go for some musical inspiration.