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Album Naming Ideas

You have collected 10 or so songs and you now want to release an album. What happens given that the songs have different names and you want a single name that will suit all of them? Well, this can be a difficult task, but with the tips included in here, you may not experience any difficulties.

Use one of the songs: This is what many music artists do, and it has worked. In most cases, they choose the most popular song in the list. Choosing the first or last song can also be a good idea. Using the name of a song is a nice approach, especially if the theme of the song you are choosing seems to represent the entire list.

Consider the overall theme of the album: If most, if not all of your songs revolve around one theme, you may want to coin your album name around that theme. For instance, if the theme is love, a name like ”The Love World” can be a catchy one.

Include your own name or name of the band in the album: Yes, as a musician, you are a big name, and there is nothing wrong with including your name on the name of your album. If your name is Mark, for instance, you can coin something such as Mark’s First Five. You won’t really go wrong with this way of naming.

Try what inspired the album: Do you have any place, person, or event that inspired the album? You can use their names. However, if you are choosing the name of a person, you may want to seek their consent first so that you don’t fall into rights issues. If you are using the name of a place, you may need to be smart. If you grew up in a slum, for instance, using the name of the slum can be a way of motivating other slum dwellers that they can become great musicians despite the odds.