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Top Tracks of the 90s

The 90s offered a lot of great music and sometimes picking out the best tracks is not that easy. However, here are a few that are definitely worth considering in any shortlist of the best that the 90s have to offer.

My Name Is

This is the first hit from Eminem and most would argue that he never produced anything quite like this again. The song takes the listener into the world of the artist which might not be a pretty place to be, but it is definitely memorable.


Despite all the hits of the 80s given to the world by Madonna, by the time that the 90s arrived she was at her peak. Vogue took the listener into a world that blended the 90s with old-time Hollywood and the infectious dance was something that could be seen on dance floors everywhere.


Oasis epitomised 90s music for many people and this song is considered to be their first real classic. The lyrics are to the point and the song set the scene for the rest of their hits throughout the decade.

Common People

This is a serious look at the class divide from Pulp, right in the middle of the decade when musicians were making their voices heard on social issues. The song is based on a real conversation Jarvis Cocker had with a fellow student back in the 80s. Subsequent efforts by journalists to track down this woman have so far failed although there are rumours as to her identity.