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About Classical Music

It is fair to say that classical music is not to everyone’s taste. Some people only know classical music tunes from adverts or from hold music, but if you have never taken the time to sit and listen to some of the greats then you might very well be missing out.

The classical music period runs from around 1730 to around 1820 and comprises works from the likes of Mozart and Beethoven, both extremely talented composers. The music was played on instruments such as a piano, string quartets or full orchestras.

Composers in the early years of the classical era were commissioned by wealthy individuals to play their music or to create new pieces, but at the turn of the century, more composers were writing solely for themselves to share with ordinary members of the public.

Classical music can be classified several ways, including having a regular rhythm that is very defined, having a melody that includes musical phrases of two or more themes, a texture that has a mostly homophonic feel and the timbre of a symphony orchestra defined into four clear sections, percussion, brass, string and woodwind for a very solid feel.